Meet Our Grooming Team

We currently have 5 highly skilled professional pet stylist working in our salon. All of our stylist are well-trained and knowledgable within the art of pet grooming. Each of them are devoted to providing exceptional grooming and bathing services to every pet that enters our salon. Our stylist understand that sometimes grooming can be very scary for some pets due to various reasons. To ensure every pet has the best possible grooming experience, special care is taken with every groom and bath service. Our stylist work very closely with the hospital staff should any concerns, such as noticing a possible skin issue or unusual redness, irritation, or smelly ears, arise when your pet is in our care. Your pet will be treated as if they were our own. We want your pet to be happy about visiting our salon to be pampered by our professionals. It is also very important to our stylist to maintain a personalized, long lasting relationship with each of our clients and their pets. Our stylist are available to answer any questions or address any concerns that our clients may have regarding the services we offer in our salon. You can check our Facebook page out to see some of our work. The link is under our social media box. Don’t forget to like us!

About Our Dog & Cat Grooming Services

We offer a variety of grooming options which include breed specific grooms, basic maintenance trims, and other full body grooms in varying lengths. Basic grooming services include the following at no additional charge: a refreshing bath, anal gland expression (for dogs only), ear cleaning, nail trimming, haircut, and a bow or bandana. Basic bath services include the same as our grooms minus the haircut. We offer other services such as: nail filing, toothbrushing, and lo-shed treatments at an additional charge. Please contact us or stop in for an estimate of our pricing. All prices are based on the size, hair type, condition of the hair, and haircut request(if applicable) of your pet.

The following vaccinations are required for grooming services.

Dogs: Rabies, Canine Influenza and Bordetella

Cats: Rabies 

About Our Bathing Products

We use premium Coat Handler shampoo and conditioner. The clarifying shampoo is gentle on the skin and coat, while thoroughly cleaning and removing residue without stripping the hair. It rinses clean leaving your pet feeling great. The Coat Handler conditioner soothes, reconditions, and moisturizes leaving the coat manageable and healthy. It also contains antistatic properties helping to repel dirt and dust. The conditioner does not contain heavy lanolin, silicone, or oils. Every pet receives a special all-natural, gentle formula facial scrub that helps remove stains without irritating the eyes or sensitive skin. For those pets who have skin allergies or other skin issues, we have special medicated shampoos provided by the Dechra brand. These shampoos are used only upon request or by veterinary recommendation and are an additional cost to the bath or groom service.

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